The Art of Landscape A Study Day with Adrian Sumner

Grosvenor Museum, Chester, Saturday 10 December. 10.30am-3.30pm.

Exploring more than 2000 years of Landscape in Western Art, though looking mostly at the last 500 years, as, surprisingly, Landscape Painting is a relatively recent invention.

10am. Doors open, sign in, refreshments.

10.30am First Lecture. The Romantic Landscape…. well, aren’t they all more or less romanticised? A fascinating question to which we will root out the many answers. Contains images from Turner, Constable, Gainsborough,

Rubens, Raphael and other Renaissance greats, as well as key Rococo, Gothic and Pre-Raphaelite painters, plus such unique figures as John Martyn and William Blake. 

11.30am Short interval for refreshments (included).

11.50am. Second lecture. The American Sublime…. how this new art emerged from established tropes of Academic Painting to create a vast and ever-changing New Look at a Classic Subject, morphing into the innovations of Photography and 20C Abstraction.. On the Wild Frontier of Art, this one is full of surprises, and fresh ways of looking and seeing. All that plus alchemy and magic gadgets too.

12.50. Lunchbreak. Feel free to bring a packed lunch, or take advantage of the many local takeaway services, within 500 yards. Coffee, tea, juice, biscuits provided.

1.30pm. Third lecture.  Nordic Landscape Art. If you think that all that ever came out of Scandinavia was Noir, Ikea and the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, or that Iceland only ever gave us Bjork, your guide will lead the way to Extreme Landscapes of a different order. Deserving of a much bigger audience, though not widely known outside of the five (or is that six?) Nordic lands, we will be leaving footprints in the snow as we seek the artists out, track them down and make them our own. Well, OK, Edvard Munch is a household name, so there will be some of his, but I hope that artists such as Peder Balke, Axel Gallen Kalella, Bruno Lilefjors, Earo Jarnefelt, Adalsteen Normann, and many more, will be a revelation. I hope you can join us……

3.15pm Questions, Goodbyes but no regrets.. etc.

Please contact Adrian Sumner for booking. All admissions £12(includes refreshments).

For booking email or phone Adrian Sumner on 01606 782516.